viernes, diciembre 10, 2010

Car crash + pornography = Accidental Erotica

Accidental Erotica VI
Cargado originalmente por Ytaelena

This Accidental Erotica IV it was the easiest to paint of this series; paradoxically many people believes it is the best of all. Not bad!

This painting took me +-20 hours of work, divided in 4 afternoons. That is not bad, considering that the fist Accidental Erotica took me 2 weeks of work, maybe because I did not know what I was doing.

It was summer when I began to paint a picture of my old Corolla 2002 crashed in the US1 (FL). I wanted to use the image as metaphor of the people dreams that crashed in their pursue for the American Dream.

I was tired of this "mellow" spell that affect the Frisco art: discrete colors, invisible brushstroke, geometrical patterns, ecological inspiration, a lot of pixie girls, zero emotional confrontation... pure escape.

But there was the lateral side of a truck behind my car; a big negative space calling for me. And I was ready to do something different.

I began to look at the Internet for some topic un-politically correct but unavoidable and visually attractive at the same time and Voilá! Pornography.

Depending of what kind, pornography have the virtue to infuriate my feminist side. It is hard to me accept how the woman become an commodity. Is a pervasive attitude that reach every aspect of the society, even here in America.

In that moments, when they only look my cleavage, I have the fantasy that I have a big truck and I crash over such fucking disrespectful people... PUMP!

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