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Rosemary, at evening

Rosemary, at evening
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Ytaelena Lopez

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luis dijo...

estan geniales las pinturas, y se nota que tu estilo esta madurando. pero te escribo para recomendarte un librito que se consigue en la red es sobre el uso de internet en las democracias y para reforzarlas, Creo que a ti te debe de interesar son 44 ensayos, el contenido es;
Foreword 5
Esther Dyson
Acknowledgements 9
Introduction 11
to: Micah L sifry, Personal Democracy Forum 2008 19
Zack Exley
21st Century neo-enlightenment 27
Julie Barko Germany
echo Chambers = Democracy 32
David Weinberger
Participatory Democracy Demands Participation 38
Michael Turk
Winning the Future in the Personal Democracy Age 43
Newt Gingrich
Participation As sustainable Cooperation In Pursuit of Public Goals 48
Yochai Benkler
By the People, For the People 54
Andrew Rasiej
the Merciful Death of the Freedom of Information Act and the Birth
of true Government transparency: A short History 59
Ellen Miller
the Void We Must Fill 64
Richard C. Harwood
smartmobbing Democracy 70
Howard Rheingold
Weaning Campaigns from old Media’s teat 75
Brad Templeton
the Power of Inclusion 79
Marie Wilson
In the Beginning
there Were Wikis 83
Joshua Levy
saving America from Its 18th Century Political system 87
Jan Frel and Nicco Mele
small “d” Democracy 92
Susan Crawford
Professional Politicians Beware! 95
Aaron Swartz
sidewalks for Democracy online 101
Steven L. Clift
Privacy in the Internet Age: time to Go?
Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Can social network sites enable Political Action?
danah boyd
In skypeoogletubeapedia We trust
Martin Kearns
Grassroots Activism is More than a Campaign 122
Morra Aarons-Mele
Corruption, technology and Constitutional Design
Zephyr Teachout
our Voting Re-Public
John C. Bonifaz
Checks and Balances Reinvigorated
Craig Newmark
the “Killer App” of Public Participation 142
Mark Murphy
Citizen 2 0
Nancy E. Tate and Mary G. Wilson
the Last top-Down Campaign
Joe Trippi
tangled signals of Democracy 155
Micah L. Sifry
Finding Your obviousmeter
Matt Stoller
Congress Reloaded
Matthew Burton
Beyond WarGames 168
Douglas Rushkoff
the obvious Answer: online Voting 171
Allison H. Fine
Who needs elected officials?
Tara Hunt
new Gadgets Do not new Humanity Make 181
Avery Knapp and Tennyson McCalla
Deliberative Democracy in theory and Practice 185
Kaliya Hamlin
Government by the People
Beth Simone Noveck
self-organized self-Government 198
Scott Heiferman
the Digital Will of the People 201
Pablo del Real
Political Collaborative Production 204
Clay Shirky
Community Information Commons 209
Harry C. Boyte
the ethics of openness 215
Jeff Jarvis
Creating Humane Codelaw 221
Gene Koo
Digital natives as self-Actualizing Citizens
Lance Bennett
A Millennial Upgrade for American Democracy 231
David B. Smith
Glossary 237
About the Editors
About Personal Democracy Forum 247
la direccion para bajarlo es;